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In my eyes and heart, passed on doesn’t mean gone. Ever since I could remember, I was always drawn to cemeteries and things alike. A favorite past time was going into yards and trying to find the oldest stone I could and then try to learn what I could about that person. In March of 2020, I lost a mentor, cheerleader, parent, coach, best friend, and role model. My Grandmother was the best of the best. Like everyone, losing someone special is never easy. As I would visit her site, time after time I found myself more and more upset with how her stone was being left. Decorations would simply be run over by mowers, weeds would be growing around her stone, and sometimes the stone wasn’t even visible in the summer due to the grass clippings drying and building up. This not only upset me, as I knew she would never approve of the negligence, but really made me look around and see that it was not only her stone suffering from time and events. Life happens every day. Whether you have moved away and want to be sure a loved one is being taken care of, whether you aren’t ready just yet, or simply that free time isn’t a luxury, this is what I am here for. From a simple one time deep clean and clear to a set maintenance schedule and set holiday visits so that they are ready for your visit or otherwise, I will handle it all. I am here to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of, stone investments are being maintained, and the time you take to visit, is simply that; visiting your loved ones.


At Somebody's Somebody, LLC we offer the following services:

Stone safe preservation and maintenance

~ Inscription paint touch-up

~ Holiday/Seasonal plot maintenance

~ Minor plot landscaping (within respective cemetery guidelines)

~ Gravestone repair

~ Gravestone reset

~ Family plot renovation



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